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High schools paired with manufacturing companies in Sheboygan County will embark on a project to design and build six custom grills from scratch. This program is called Project GRILL; standing for Growing Readiness In Learning and Leading.

The mission of Project GRILL is to improve the image of manufacturing through exposing our community, educators, students, and parents to the diverse career opportunities within Sheboygan County. Ultimately, working towards creating an expansive workforce to sustain the success we are cultivating today. By pairing large manufacturers with high school students, we will build excitement about the variety of career options within the field of manufacturing, as well as provide mentors for the students.

Project GRILL will allow students to explore and experience 30 weeks of hands-on academic and technical competencies associated with multiple engineering and manufacturing skill sets. The students will experience the full range of production from project management, design and fabrication to finishing, assembly, quality, and testing.


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