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We invite you and your High School to participate in a FREE county wide supported hands-on learning experience that connects your students and will set them up for success. We seek six progressive high schools that want to encourage and provide technical career exploration and invest in their student’s future by exposing them to a fun, dynamic challenge called Project GRILL.

Project GRILL is to excite and entice high school students to learn engineering and manufacturing skills through the design and construction of a grill. The project’s capstone will include the unveiling of each team’s grill to allow parents, employers, high school counselors, teachers and the public an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about technical careers and college opportunities.

Project GRILL will allow students to explore and experience 30 weeks of hands-on learning and technical competencies associated with foundational engineering and manufacturing skill sets. The students will experience the full range of production from project management, team building, design, fabrication, finishing, assembly, quality, and testing. In addition, all students who meet course requirements will earn up to three elective credits at Lakeshore Technical College (LTC). This is a value of nearly $400.00 per student.

Project GRILL Application Guidelines:

The building of customized grills, with coursework over a 30 week period, will provide students with an exciting delivery methodology for conveying academic and technical foundational competencies associated with, but not limited to, the following occupational skill sets.

  • Industrial Engineering Technology Electromechanica
  • Mechanical & Concept Design Technology Quality & Safety
  • Machine Tool Technology Communication/Team Building/Leadership
  • Metal Fabrication/Welding Purchasing, Budget & Approval Processes
  • Painting & Finishing Problem Solving and Time Management

Requirements for High School Participation:

Each high school will select a student team of a minimum of two students and maximum of six students to design and fabricate their grill. Special note: some high schools may wish to involve an entire class in this project. That is fine, but a team of two to six “student team leaders” needs to be chosen to represent the high school with the media and partner manufacturing companies.

Team members should be selected based on their enthusiasm, commitment, and/or additional criteria created by the school. Project GRILL is designed to appeal to male, female, minority and nontraditional high school students. All students, for whom hands-on, non-traditional opportunities are rare, should be recruited and encouraged to participate. It is a given that straight A students may be the most obvious choice to participate, however, we encourage high schools to select students who show potential in the technical area but may not be “straight A” students. Working on this project could be a real boost to these students’ sense of self-esteem and get them “fired up” about manufacturing careers.

Each school must select a high school staff representative who is also expected to lead the course each week (or day depending on how the school establishes the timing of the program). Most likely your ideal representative will be your current Tech Ed instructor.

To ensure success for Project GRILL, the selected high school representative must attend a two-day training session (Project GRILL Boot Camp!) held at LTC during the second week of August. Again, to ensure success, attendance is mandatory for all participating schools and teachers will be given a $200.00 stipend for attending the Boot Camp.

Benefits of Participation:

Each high school will receive $2,500 from a corporate partner to build the grill. Special Note: We are currently building pilot Grill’s and “test driving” our skill sets, timeline and budget etc. This amount might slightly change (above or below) but it will cover your basic materials:

  • Team t-shirts with sponsor logos will be provided to each school for public appearances
  • The September Project Grill Road Show visits each participating school,
    consists of sample grills, a brat fry and members from your corporate partner to talk with the students about careers in manufacturing
  • Each high school staff representative receives a program binder filled with curriculum,
    tips and resources for building the grill at the two-day instructional boot camp at LTC
  • Media coverage and public relations to build school pride
  • Opportunity to work with and tour various manufacturing corporations in the community

Email us at if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Project GRILL partner.

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