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Manufacturing jobs are the infrastructure of our state and our communities. Nearly 40% of the jobs in Sheboygan County are manufacturing jobs. In order to continue to grow as a community and state, we need to guarantee manufacturing companies an appropriate atmosphere in which to thrive. One element of that atmosphere is an able and educated work force. But, how do we developed interest in manufacturing jobs when funding for tech ed is being cut from schools and manufacturing jobs are requiring more advanced skill sets?

Welcome to Project GRILL. Six high schools paired with six manufacturing companies in Sheboygan County will embark on a project to design and build six custom grills from scratch. This program is called Project GRILL; standing for Growing Readiness In Learning and Leading. The mission of Project GRILL is to improve the image of manufacturing through exposing our community, educators, students, and parents to the diverse career opportunities within Sheboygan County. Ultimately, working towards creating an expansive workforce to sustain the success we are cultivating today. By pairing large manufacturers with high school students, we will build excitement about the variety of career options within the field of manufacturing, as well as provide mentors for the students.

Additional Statistics Important to Your Success:
43% of Wisconsin based workers in manufacturing are 45 years of age and older which means within the next ten years, more than 43% of the current workforce will retire
From 2002 through 2012, employment growth for all Wisconsin industries is projected to be 394,000 new jobs, or 13%, outpacing the countries’ manufacturing growth by 11%
From May 2005 – May 2006, Wisconsin had the 16th highest annual increase in manufacturing employment – 1,100 jobs
Wisconsin ranks second nationally – trailing only Indiana – in percentage of total jobs that are manufacturing, with 18 percent

Manufacturing in Wisconsin is concentrated along the Lake Michigan coast and in the Fox Valley area

Over 60% of manufacturing workers in Wisconsin are employed in the five eastern-most Workforce Development Areas (WDAs)

While the country has lost over 450,000 manufacturing jobs over the last four years, Wisconsin is one of the only major manufacturing states to increase manufacturing jobs. Wisconsin added 2,500 manufacturing jobs since January 2003

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