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Your student has many choices to affect the future. While we support a four-year college education, we also want to assure you that your student can also have a successful and rewarding career through exploring options in the field of Manufacturing.

Did you know that in Sheboygan County, 43% of Wisconsin based workers in manufacturing are 45 years of age and older which means within the next ten years, more than 43% of the current workforce will retire? This sets the perfect atmosphere for a surge of available jobs in the manufacturing sector for students today.

Did you know that an Industrial Maintenance Technician can earn $50,000-$60,000 the first year out of Technical school? That is a great living and a wonderful base to a successful future.

Also, did you know that most employers in the area would pay for or reimburse educational costs?

Through Project GRILL students will be introduced to multiple career option in the field of Manufacturing. The experience they receive through Project GRILL will place each student in a stronger position to make an educated decision about career paths and options.


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