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How many times have you been asked “So, what are your plans after graduation?”
Some of you might know this answer, which is awesome! Go for it! Some of you might have an idea but aren’t sure where to start. Others might have no idea and have not discovered yet what you are passionate about which is ok! Here are a few ideas and thoughts for you to consider when deciding on which path to take.

Option- Four-year college- great option if you know the career path you want to take. If you aren’t sure you could end up taking classes you won’t need which could cost $60,000-$200,000. Only 53% of the students in the United States entering a 4-year college back in 1997 left with a degree six years later. Yikes! The other 47% left with no degree and a lot of debt.

Option- Two-year technical college- You will have the opportunity to put your new skills right to the test because there are many technical jobs available in our area. This affordable education will allow you to enter the workforce within two years. Or better yet you might even be able to get a job while attending a technical college and have your employer pay for it! A 2007 survey of graduating students from Lakeshore Technical College showed that 92% of graduates were employed six-months to one-year after graduation with a median income of nearly $40,000.

Option- Not sure what you are interested in yet? It’s okay! Start your career with a Project GRILL manufacturer here in Sheboygan County. This would give you the opportunity to explore and have hands on experience in the workforce so you can figure out what you like or don’t like. The Project GRILL companies all believe and practice lifelong learning and continuous education. They believe in growing their employees personally and professionally because that will ultimately build their business and remain competitive. So if you’re not sure if school is your thing right away, come explore one of the companies and figure out what you want to major in. Some of opportunities include programming robots (Maintenance Tech), to being in charge of the budget (Finance), to graphic design (Marketing), to building equipment (Engineering) to name just a few. As soon as you discover what career you want to pursue, use their tuition reimbursement program to pay for your degree and start out debt free! Some of the companies even pay you to sit in class!!! You will be able to take the education and skills you learn anywhere and forever for FREE!

These are just a few of the many choices that are out there. It can be stressful but we are here to help answer any questions you might have about careers in manufacturing. Again don’t be shy and keep asking questions during the Project GRILL program. It’s going to be fun and we are looking forward to it hope you are to!


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